Web design is one of the most popular services we offer to small and medium sized businesses or personal websites and blogs. Our focus is always on simplicity and user-friendliness. We like to keep websites clear of clutter, making them as easy to use as possible, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

All websites should have a purpose or a primary function, whether it is to inform visitors of an event, sell a product or service, or simply to create a sales lead. The key to great website design is to funnel visitors through to this end goal as quickly and easily as possible.

Designed with your Business Goals in mind

We will examine your business together with you and decide on common goals that you wish to achieve from visitors. We then structure the whole design around making it easier for customers to get the information they need to enable them to make the desired action or behaviour as quickly as possible (e.g. a purchase or generating a lead for you; contacting you). Every page will be designed with a sole purpose or goal in mind. We’ll strategically place ‘calls to action’ on your website where needed e.g. a “contact us” button or an advert for your product/service with a “buy now” button to encourage this further.

Typical goals of our web design include;