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Social media plays a part in almost everyone’s life these days. No longer it is used just for socialising with friends and family, but can be also used as an extremely effective tool for businesses to connect with their customers or B2B in a less formal manner whilst still acquiring leads or sales.

Your social media efforts should reinforce your brand and the type of image you want to convey, it is the personality of your business and another form of marketing to your audience. You may not know it but potential customers are checking your social media accounts before deciding to do business with you. A recent study showed that over 50% of Facebook and 65% of Twitter followers are more likely to buy from the brands or businesses that they follow. Similar numbers would also recommend your brand/business to someone else after liking or following you.

Social media efforts like any of your other marketing efforts need a well thought out strategy, planning and time to build. That’s where we can help with our very reasonable monthly packages. We can develop your social media strategy, choose the right social channels for your business, advertise your business to an audience that wants to hear from you, maximise your business’s exposure and potential, and engage better and more effectively with your customers.

Contact us for more information on our social media management packages.

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