Social Media Marketing

We all know social media marketing plays an important role in almost all businesses. It helps connect customers with your brand and often potential customers will check your social media profiles before purchasing, or you will have helped drive a sale to your website from your social media efforts.

Social Media Graphics & Image Dimensions

How do you get your message out there, noticed and stand out from the crowd? Social media graphics can help achieve this on a much greater scale than text alone. However, as there any many different social media platforms, there are also multiple different social media image sizes. Image sizes that work for Twitter will not work the same for Facebook. For easiness sake we’ll just look at Twitter & Facebook for now but keep in mind that Google+, Pinterest etc. will all have different dimensions also.

The dimensions of your images are extremely important as this is how the platform will display your image. If your image is too big it may crop out a vital part of your message or if it’s too small it may look distorted. Both are bad for sharing or engagement which is your goal on social media. You only have an extremely limited period of time to entice social media users to see your message. I’m advising you now that if your image is out of proportion, cropped or distorted you are losing out as people are not going to engage with it as much as they could be.

Save time and hassle, tell us what social media graphics you need and we’ll sort them for you!

Here are some examples of how images can help reinforce your message or brand if sized correctly: