At Kickfire Digital we can carry out a thorough page by page review of your whole website, from content and calls to action, to website performance (speed & responsiveness) and provide you with a SEO analysis of your site including a competitive analysis. We’ll take a look at your social media strategy and can advise on that also. This digital marketing report will tell you exactly where you’re website is doing well online, but most importantly where it’s falling down.

Often it’s only small things that are being overlooked or forgotten and can be fixed quite easily, resulting in an instant increase in sales/leads. Other times more major changes need to be made and we can provide no obligation advice on that too if needed (the cost of the report/review is fully redeemable against our services if you need to have any done).

Some of the goals of our website review that we specifically aim to identify where your business can improve upon are:

  • Increase sales/leads/queries (whichever metric applies to your business)
  • Improve the conversion rate of visitors to your website
  • Decrease the bounce rate to your website
  • Increase engagement with your customers resulting in repeat purchases
  • Identify reasons why customers are exiting your website
  • Identify where calls-to-action need to be added or improved
  • Discover how to get ahead of your competitors

Most business’s have a website nowadays but just having one doesn’t mean you are reaching all of your potential customers efficiently. Some questions you need to ask your self are;

  • How does your website compare to your competitors’s?
  • Are they ranking better than you for search terms and you’re not sure why?
  • Are you converting visitors into purchasers?
  • Perhaps you are receiving leads/sales from your website, but could that conversion rate be much higher?
  • Where are you losing customers?
  • What changes could I make to improve?

If you have ever thought of or tried to figure out the answer to any of the above questions and haven’t been able to come up with any answers then we can help. Contact us today!